Bryan Shields
President and CEO
Phone: (888) 745-4737 x100

iSmile President and CEO Bryan Shields received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis. He then moved on to Columbia University where he earned an MBA. His first few jobs included stints with Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly.

Entering the dental supply industry in 1993, Bryan worked for several companies that grew and were merged, often being swallowed up by giant corporations. In 2008, after yet another disruptive merger, he decided that he’d had enough and secured funding to start his own company. With a Rolodex full of industry contacts, deep knowledge about global product sourcing, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, he established iSmile Dental Products in Sacramento, California.

Motivated to take control his own destiny, Bryan quickly assembled a team of professionals who joined him in building the company around the needs of dental offices. Many of those people are still with the company, and are responsible for finding new customers, engaging new vendors, and running an efficient and error-free warehouse. When the team is focused, working together and successful, that’s when he’s most satisfied.

For Bryan, there are a number of things that make iSmile special. Direct sourcing of iSmile products from around the world. Building trust relationships with customers and vendors. Even customizing the unit size on bags of sponges to help reduce waste - and more importantly cost - for one of their oldest customers. The iSmile team is paying attention and always striving to do the right thing.

When he’s not in the office, Bryan spends time with his family, attending athletic and other school events. A self-described sports dad, Bryan treasures time with his two son’s roller hockey and lacrosse teams, his daughter’s horseback riding, and cooking with his wife. When he’s in the kitchen with glowing burners and hot stoves, Bryan rocks to the 80s and 90s with R.E.M., Jethro Tull, the Rolling Stones and the Police.


Erik Knoblock
VP Marketing
Phone: (888) 745-4737 x300

Erik is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an education in industrial engineering.  Before joining the iSmile team as VP of Sales & Marketing, Erik worked for a dental manufacturer for 37 years where he worked his way up from shipping and receiving to General Manager. In 2008, the company he was working for started partnering with iSmile to mutually serve customers. In 2018 he joined iSmile full time, starting up and operating out of the new Wisconsin Sales Office.

With roots in an engineering sensibility, Erik describes himself as self-motivated. He expects as much or more out of himself as he does others. Have a plan, be thorough, and perform to the best of one’s ability. In the end, the measure that matters above all others is customer satisfaction.

Erik sees iSmile as a family-owned company with a big heart. A friendly, accessible resource for dental offices with all the capabilities of the larger, corporate firms.

When he’s not working, Erik cherishes the time he spends with his family, adult children and grandkids. He golfs, and enjoys boating with his wife for the five months of the year when it’s not snowing or freezing outside. He loves pop and country music - everything from Kelly Clarkson to Sugarland.

Michelle Cottle
Operations Manager
Phone: (888) 745-4737 x102

In the midst of a successful 16-year career working with dental offices and dental insurance companies, Michelle came to iSmile in 2010. Today, as a member of iSmile’s management team, she brings a strong understanding of what dental offices need to be successful. Many consider her to be iSmile’s “resident expert” in all things pertaining to the dental office.

As Operations Manager, Michelle oversees all product purchasing, vendor relationship management, warehouse operations, accounts receivable and more. In many ways, she’s the eyes and ears of the company, coordinating with all departments to insure a smooth and efficient operation. Everything should be in its place. Details and timelines are essential. Bottom line - if the inventory isn’t in the warehouse, then dental offices will not get what they need when they need it. When the company is fulfilling the needs of customers, there are no backorders and the warehouse manager is happy, Michelle knows things are running well.

Having worked for large corporate entities, Michelle really appreciates that iSmile is family-owned and operated business that promotes a strong work/life balance. When not in the office, she enjoys time with family, hiking, snowmobiling, a pair of black labs and lots of music, from classical to classic rock. She’s also an avid 35mm, digital photographer, regularly capturing landscapes, family events and more.