Ron Johnson

Account Manager

RLJ 650x500

(888) 745-4737 x204




Ron’s experience as an Account Manager spans a number of diverse industries including mortgage and marketing. Starting in 2010, he added consumable dental products to his resume when he took a position as Account Manager with iSmile. Ron points out that he’s been in the industry since before disposable prophy angles were a new discovery, and still had patent protection.

Ron works directly with dental offices, mostly single-unit operations with five to eight chairs. He gets to know how the practice operates, becoming, in a sense, one of the staff. Some of his best customers have worked with him since he arrived at iSmile.

When it comes to defining success, Ron considers himself to be a type A person. He's driven to satisfy a customer so that they come back again and again. Success means a job well done, whatever it takes. And while he takes pleasure in his own accomplishments, he’s a great cheerleader for the rest of the team at iSmile. 

To describe iSmile, Ron says that iSmile people are easy to to talk to. They listen. You can talk to a person when you need to, even the owner and founder of the company. And there’s no corporate phone maze.

With five siblings, three adult children and four grandchildren, Ron’s got a busy social life. He also spends time practicing and promoting food consciousness, listening to classic rock and road cycling about 150 miles per week.